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The Progressive Caucus of the California Democratic Party is one of the largest state progressive caucuses in the United States. We have a diverse group of members, and we revel in our diversity. With many different opinions and many progressive goals, this caucus is often one of the most controversial caucuses in the Party. You can be one of us. Jump in! The water’s fine.

Membership renews the first day of the Spring Convention of the following year. If you pay after the Convention, it counts for the time until the first day of the next Spring Convention. If you pay after January 1, it counts till the first day of the Spring Convention of the following year.

SAVE $5 on your dues and GO GREEN!

Just check the box on the application to agree to accept all communications via email and take $5 off of your annual membership dues.

  • The basic Annual Membership is only $25! (Go Green = $20)
  • Seniors and students may choose Membership for $15. (Go Green = $10)
  • The Caucus gets its funds only through Membership dues. You can help by contributing as a Sponsor. Your Sponsorship helps maintain the Caucus from year to year.
  • The Paul Wellstone level of Sponsorship is available for $55. (Go Green = $50)
  • You can also join at the FDR level for $99 (Go Green = $94)

If you wish to contribute more, you may pay dues multiple times during the year.

No Democrat is excluded from the Caucus because of financial constraints.

Give what you can to support our work.

You can pay your annual dues online here.

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