Executive Board

The following individuals are serving as the Progressive Caucus’s executive board for the 2019-2021 term. To contact the board, please email cdp.pc.officers@gmail.com.


ChairAmar Shergill
Vice-Chair, Northern RegionDavid Hildebrand
Vice-Chair, Central RegionManuel Zapata
Vice-Chair, Southern RegionSusie Shannon
TreasurerKevin Lourens
SecretaryLauren Bier
ParliamentarianEmma Jenson
Communications & Social Media OfficerRicardo “Rico” Franco
Officer-at-LargeJovanka Beckles
Officer-at-LargeZachary Denney

About the Officers

Amar Shergill: Chair

“I will continue the legacy of the Progressive Caucus as the conscience of the Party. Electing ‘any’ Democrat is not our goal. Instead, we must elect Democrats that are unafraid to declare that Black Lives Matter, that stand with our sisters and brothers in Labor, that demand reproductive rights and equality for women, that lift up immigrants and refugees, that prioritize peace and diplomacy over war and militarism, that fight for Medicare For All, that battle for the equal rights of our LGBTQIA siblings, that pursue the Green New Deal and a ban on fracking, that value the right for self-determination of all people, and that pursue enactment of principles described in the Party Platform. The Caucus under my leadership will hold party officials, candidates and elected representatives accountable when they fail to support the Party Platform; no free rides.”

David Hildebrand:
Vice-Chair, Northern Region

David Hildebrand is a Progressive Activist and Legislative Analyst currently living in Sacramento. In 2016, David joined Sacramento for Bernie Sanders and canvassed often downtown, before covering his own precinct as a Canvass Captain, and then becoming the Staging Location Director for CD-6. He has campaigned in many Northern California counties for his U.S. Senate run against Feinstein, and assisted other candidates, including Audrey Denney during her 2018 Congressional campaign.

Manuel Zapata:
Vice-Chair, Central Region

“I have spent the last few years networking and building coalitions across Central California, empowering new activists to join our party and to run as delegates. I know the power of localized campaigns on issues and team building. I recognize the importance of boots-on-the-ground organizing because that’s what I do.  As an organizer, as an activist, as a board member for a profit that works as the cultural hub of the Hispanic community in my City, I know there is a lot of energy in the grassroots of the progressive movement. It’s time we use the caucus to amplify the work being done locally. This is about the issues, the work, and the organizing being done.”

Susie Shannon:
Vice-Chair, Southern Region

“I have been a member of the Progressive Caucus since 2005, and an officer for 8 years. I served as a Bernie delegate to the 2016 Convention. I now serve on the DNC as the only Bernie delegate elected from CA where I founded the Poverty Council. I have experience and a comprehensive background in progressive politics and organizing. I work as an advocate for homeless and low-income communities, and am a fighter for progressive issues such as opposing fracking; instituting a Green New Deal; ending income inequality, promoting single payer healthcare, advocating for animal welfare, and fighting for the rights of the LGBTQIA community. I co-produced an anti-war documentary called Back from Iraq, organized rallies, forums, and protests on most of the issues subscribed to by the Progressive Caucus, trained new delegates, helped get progressives elected at all levels and have been successful in passing many resolutions and platform language within the California Democratic Party.”

Kevin Lourens:

“I am proud to be Treasurer to not only add a millennial voice to the Executive Board of this Caucus, but to add more representation for San Diego as well. I have the experience to work in a team environment that an Executive Board requires, as well as the values of a progressive I’ve proven with both my issues advocacy and volunteering for a multitude of candidates.”

Lauren Bier: Secretary

“As a community member, an organizer, and a member of my county and the state Democratic parties, it has been both my privilege and my responsibility to take an active role to promote and support a more progressive agenda within the Party for the benefit of all people. As secretary, I will continue to further progressive principles by maintaining our membership list and taking, keeping, and distributing minutes and other business documents of the Caucus. This communication is necessary to keep us informed and successful. It is my privilege to work alongside my progressive siblings statewide who seek to further social justice and equity.”

Emma Jenson:

“In my 2 years and 5 months as a democrat – after 17 years as NPP – I have found my strange little affinity for Parliamentary procedure to be an unexpectedly powerful tool for overthrowing the establishment! The Progressive Caucus is my family and my home and I look forward to our continued revolution, 1 floor challenge at a time.”

Ricardo “Rico” Franco:
Communications & Social Media Officer

“I wish to build a team to make sure we continuously put out an effective message for the Progressive Caucus in our role to advance the progressive cause and hold the party and elected officials accountable. As a son of the Central Valley I know first hand how the progressive agenda can rebuild the middle class and stand-up for everyone. We have literally been given soil with no water and still manage to feed the world. But our sacrifice is great: we still have the highest levels of poverty and hunger in the country. We are a community of passionate activists able to unite and activate ordinary people young and not so young to fight for the future of our state and country. Lastly, so that this party and caucus accurately reflects the communities it wishes to serve, I pledge to develop our message in Spanish as well as other languages as resources permit.”

Jovanka Beckles: Officer-at-Large

“For 8 years I was a progressive voice on the Richmond City Council. I have been an active member of the Richmond Progressive Alliance steering committee for 12 years. I have never taken corporate donations, and never will. I am accountable only to the community. That is why I was endorsed by Sen. Bernie Sanders in 2014 and 2018 and Our Revolution, for my City Council and AD 15 races. I will fight for our shared values: Medicare for All; protecting renters and homeowners; promoting unions; campaign finance reform; ban fracking; free college and childcare.”

Zachary Denney:

“Now is the time for a Progressive Caucus that will proceed in an unapologetically radical path towards economic, social, racial and environmental justice. We have a responsibility in this Caucus to be the “troublemakers” within the Party. I will continue to use my voice to support movements for liberation, equity, justice, socialism, and solidarity with oppressed peoples around the globe. I believe in this Caucus. I want to see it grow—not only in membership but in political power!”