GOTV Feature: CA State Superintendent of Instruction

Vote & GOTV for Tony Thurmond

CA State Supt. of Instruction.

Public Education—Not Privatization

Meet Tony Thurmond

As California’s June 5th primary approaches, please help save public education from deep pocket Republicans trying to take over our schools.

Elect a progressive: Tony Thurmond, Oakland Assembly Member, former Contra Costa School Board Member, 20-year social worker, and champion for publicly run and publicly operated schools.

As a California lawmaker, Tony Thurmond authored AB1014, a bill that allocates 35 million from the criminal justice system directly to the schools. Plus, this week, Tony’s bills to increase resources for special education and bilingual education passed through the Assembly and are on their way to helping two of the student groups most impacted by the achievement gap – students with special needs and English language learners.

As chair of the Assembly STEM Education Committee – that’s science, technology, engineering, and math – Tony is pushing the state to allocate $200 million to expanding STEM education, especially in low-income and rural school districts. Trump has suggested $200 million for the entire country, but Tony understands that we have to invest more in preparing our kids for the jobs of tomorrow.

Tony Thurmond and the people of California are engaged in an epic battle to save public education from the likes of Betsy DeVos. His opponent, funded by rich Republicans and the charter school lobby, is also running as a Democrat, but not as a progressive Democrat. For more on Tony’s opponent, read this.

Help me get out the word and the vote for Tony Thurmond. Share the links below and volunteer or contribute:

Want to save public education in CA?  Here are some things that would be helpful to GOTV for Tony Thurmond for CA School Supt. Post, tweet, have fun.

How You Can Help:

Questions and requests should be directed to Campaign Manager Maddie Franklin,, 209-210-8950 (cell).

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