Anti-boycott legislation … and what’s behind it all

The following presentation was delivered to the joint meeting of the California Democratic Party Progressive and Arab-American caucuses at the November 2017 San Francisco Executive Board session.

The goal was to update attendees on current efforts by Israel-aligned forces, including some in the Democratic Party, to stigmatize and suppress opposition to Israeli (and U.S.) policies, including through legislation that threatens to penalize or even criminalize that opposition when expressed in the form of protected speech known as boycott.

To provide what those who were present missed due to tech glitches and undimmable lights — and especially for those who were not present — I have added notes to the slides conveying what was the oral part of the presentation.

Before delving into the legislation, first, a mini-tour of parts of the occupied territory to provide a sense of why Palestinians and their supporters have called for an international boycott to back up their demand for self-determination.

At the end, I have added the mini-resolution approved after the presentation at the caucus meeting and a few suggested sources of ongoing, updated information. I’m also happy to respond to questions and requests.

David L. Mandel, AD 7 (Sacramento)

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