Special Election: Candidates for Comms & Media Officer

As per Progressive Caucus bylaws requirements, there will be an election to fill the vacant Communications and Media Officer position at our upcoming November caucus meeting. Find out more about the candidates who are running to fill the role.



The following individuals have applied as candidates and are presented in alphabetical order.

  • Dallas Fowler
  • Rick Hauptman
  • Victor Lecha III
  • Dan McCrory
  • Christopher Myers
  • Andrew Swetland
  • Cari Templeton


Candidate Statements

Here you can review the candidates’ 150-word (or fewer) statements in preparation for the special election in November.


Dallas Fowler

It would be an honor and pleasure to serve as your Communications Officer. As a communications consultant I know firsthand the how critical messaging and consistent communications can be. I have provided these critical services for large corporations to startups, nonprofits and political organizations. I have provided these services for a variety of industries from construction, entertainment, and most importantly political campaigns. I’m a past Commissioner in the City of Los Angeles and have served on the boards of many community and political organizations. I have also developed and managed several websites.

I’m happy to put my skills to work for the Progressive Caucus and build a communications team to support our outreach efforts and create more opportunities to expand our audience via social media. Also, I will identify ways our caucus can partner and coalesce on messaging to push progressive policies and party actions with other caucuses and like organizations.


Rick Hauptman

I am a long-time member and activist with the Harvey Milk LGBT Democratic Club, Progressive Democrats of San Francisco, Bay Area Coalition on Reproductive Rights, Cesar Chavez Celebration Committee, SF Human Rights Commission, SF Democratic Party.

I have many years’ experience with web sites, listservs, social networking, email groups, online organizing and advocacy. I would use that experience and skill to ensure the Progressive Caucus’ mission and voice.

I have been an unapologetic progressive Democrat for more than 30 years. I have strongly advocated for social, economic, and environmental justice, at all levels of the Democratic Party, as well as through numerous local, state and national organizations. I have been a Board member, Officer, and active member of the National Organization of Women (NOW) for more than 40 years in order to safeguard and protect a Woman’s Right to Choose, and to ensure total and unwavering equality of opportunity.


Victor Lecha III

We are more connected than ever in our history. But that connectivity has inundated us with tons of news media messages. If there was ever a time we needed a progressive message, it is now. We live in an age where the inequality gap has never been greater. Inconceivably, we have surpassed the “Gilded Age” As your Media/Communications Chair I will ensure that our Progressive Message is distributed to all social media channels; that our web page stays current; that communications between Caucus members are delivered timely; that confidential information remains secure. I was an IT engineer, so I understand data sensitivity.

If you vote for me, you will vote for someone who is passionate about progressive issues; someone who has a wealth of experience setting up social media pages for grassroots organizations; someone who has always strived to make a difference. Please vote Victor Lecha III. Thank you.


Dan McCrory

I vow to return us to traditional Democratic values, support Progressive candidates that reflect those values, to help mend Party differences, and to wean the Party from the influence of corporate money. As a labor activist for 30+ years, I want to imbue union leadership with the positive militancy needed to buck the status quo and support candidates that are dedicated to the issues we hold dear. I will use my skills to promote our issues and principles in all media both internally and externally and will remind all elected officials that they serve at the pleasure of the people of California and will be held accountable when their decisions are determined to be detrimental to the People.


Christopher Myers

As the communications and media officer for the Progressive Caucus, I would ensure that we uphold the values of what it means to be progressive and that means having policies that are decided democratically as a caucus. As a deaf individual, I also realize the importance of making sure we are using platforms that are accessible to everyone while striving to keep up with the pace of communications technology. This includes having captions on our videos and image descriptions on our images. It would be an honor to receive your vote.


Andrew Swetland

With years of training and experience as an IT professional, public speaker, social media manager, and discussion forum moderator, Andrew Swetland brings a perfectly tailored background to the Communications and Media Officer role for the Progressive Caucus. A revolutionary grassroots activist, his lifelong dedication to public service and the pursuit of social justice has included military service, extensive volunteerism, and charity work.

As a U.S. Air Force Intelligence analyst, he prepared and articulated daily Intelligence analysis and formal communications to high-ranking military officers and government officials up to the Sub-Cabinet level.

Andrew is committed to the continual renewal of the Democratic Party at all levels into an organization that is responsive to, and representative of, the needs of all citizens. He resides in Long Beach, CA and is a proud member of the Feel The Bern Club of Los Angeles and the Yes We Can Democratic Club.


Cari Templeton

As a proud, progressive, I am passionate about equal rights for women, LGBTQ people, and people of color, and I believe we need to restore the middle class through a $15 minimum wage, free college, “Medicare for all,” and further key reforms. I am a thoughtful leader, an experienced negotiator, and a strong communicator, who wants to make a positive difference in the Progressive Caucus. I have the skills, time, and commitment to lead as the Communications Officer of the Progressive Caucus. Furthermore, I have the passion to develop emerging and upcoming leaders within the caucus through mentorship and identifying opportunities for others to showcase their skills. Together we can grow the participation and impact of California’s Progressive Caucus!

One thought on “Special Election: Candidates for Comms & Media Officer

  • November 10, 2017 at 23:47

    WOW, thanks to this talented and accomplished pool of candidates for being willing to take on this critical role. I know we can’t elect them all… but…

    I do like Dallas Fowler’s idea of building a communications TEAM, so I hope that those who end up NOT winning will persist, and collaborate with the Communications and Media Officer as a group effort.

    Messaging is so important…!


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