Cities & Counties, Refuse Contracts with ICE



WHEREAS the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement—or ICE—has entered into MOUs—Memoranda of Understanding—with multiple California police and sheriff departments, such as Ventura County, to deputize local law enforcement to carry out mass deportations …

WHEREAS ICE MOUs give the Trump administration a contractual means to override local elected officials who may publicly oppose collusion between local law enforcement and ICE on interrogations, raids, and indefinite detentions that separate families, instill fear in immigrant communities, and create great anxiety for students in our public schools and universities …

WHEREAS often the ICE MOU’s allow local governments, like the City of Pasadena and the County of Los Angeles, to terminate the contractual arrangement with ICE unilaterally by writing a simple letter to ICE ending the contractual relationship, thus refusing to cooperate unless a federal judge has issued a warrant …

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED the California Democratic Party, in keeping with past resolutions to protect and respect immigrant communities, urges all local city, county, school districts and state governments to terminate or refuse to enter into agreements or Memorandums of Understanding (MOU) between Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and state and local law enforcement to collaborate with ICE on raids, detentions, and deportations conducted without a warrant from a federal judge, and to cooperate only when such a federal judicial warrant has been issued.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED a copy of this resolution will be posted on the website of the California Democratic Party and shared with all Democrats holding state office and serving as county supervisors.


Author: Marcy Winograd, Assembly District 50

Sponsored by Endorsers: Eric C. Bauman, AD46, Chair, LA DCC; Katrina Bergstrom, AD43; Karen Bernal, AD07; Ruth Carter, AD10; Vincent Casalaina, AD15; Elizabeth Castillo, AD63; Alice Chan, AD10; Alexis Edelstein, AD 62; Kimberly Ellis, AD 5; Gilbert Feliciano, AD46; Erika Feresten, AD50; Joy Frew Appointed AD Delegate 50; Glenn Glazer, AD29; Melissa Grant, AD50; Natalie Gray, ADEM 29; Larry Gross, AD46; Greg Harnage, AD06; Sue Himmelrich, AD50; Mayme Hubert, AD10; Jon Katz, AD50; Michael Katz, AD18; Rabbi Jonathan Klein; AD51; Margarita Lacabe, AD18; Carole Levers, AD55(elected); David L. Mandel, AD07; Ralph Miller, AD10 Executive Board Rep.; Secretary, CDP Progressive Caucus; Dorothy Reik, AD50; Susie Shannon, AD50; Leslie Simon, AD45; David Sonneborn, AD68; Michele Sutter, AD62; Sion Roy, AD50; Thomas Tellner, AD16; Igor Tregub, AD15; Brent Turner, AD24; N. Yosh Yamanaka, AD70; Lowell Young, AD05; Neal S. Zaslavsky, AD50; Tyron Jordan

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