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First of all, we would like to say thank you to all the Members who participated in the recent survey we sent out asking for your feedback about the Discussion Listserv, protocols for posting and how to monitor posts.  The Officers are very encouraged by the overwhelming response we got with over 400 people participating in the survey!

We are looking forward to a productive couple of years working with you all and since the Listserv is the main way the Caucus communicates in between the Conventions and EBoard Meetings, it’s paramount that we all feel comfortable posting our ideas and that we streamline the handling of complaints to allow the Officers and Members to focus on getting back to work on progressive issues.

Please check out the Critical Posting Protocols as well as How to File a Complaint below.  We hope you will find this helpful in optimizing our collective experience on these communication channels.


The Survey Results

Over 93% of responding Members supported implementing the Interim Posting Protocols adopted at the Progressive Caucus meeting on May 20, 2017, allowing for slight modifications as long as it honors the intent of the protocols.

Additionally, over 85% of responding Members did not support a completely unmoderated Listserv.


Critical Posting Protocols

To facilitate Protocol supervising by the Board, we’ve consolidated into a short list below the most Critical Posting Protocols from the Interim Posting Protocols that are integral to maintaining healthy and happy communication forums.

  •   No posts with an opinion presented as fact (A post does not supply source for the fact);
  •  No posts with a personal attack or cyber-bullying of a fellow Member of the caucus, group or class. (Specifically menacing and/or aggressive behavior, threats to sue, lodging unsubstantiated falsehoods about another person, and name-calling in addition to standard character assassinations and ad hominem attacks). (Criticisms should be limited to ideas and actions, not personal attacks);
  •  No posts containing excess profanity or profanity directed at a person. (There is no full ban on profanity, however, hateful, obscene, offensive, racist, sexual, or violent words about a Member or directed at a Member, is not permitted);
  •  No over-posting in excess of group standards (Example: A heated back-and-forth discussion that monopolizes the bandwidth of the Listserv, where is it evident the differences are irreconcilable and intractable). When this happens, please take it off-line.
  •  No Member may bypass or evade the suspension or moderation of his/her posting privileges.  This includes, but is not limited to: (1) Having another Member post on behalf of the moderated/suspended Member (either intentionally or inadvertently); and/or (2) Intentionally carbon copying of the Discussion List’s email in a response to a thread with others whereby subsequent ‘responses to all’ will have the practical effect of posting by the suspended/moderated Member.

The complete Interim Posting Protocols [web or PDF] described the expectations and penalties for non-compliance in detail.


How To File a Complaint

After reading the hundreds of comments received on the survey, we felt it important that we provide a tool for filing complaints.  So we’ve created a Complaint Form for Members to submit for the Officers’s review any complaints about posts they feel violate the Critical Posting Protocols outlined above.

The Complaint Form asks you to provide information about the alleged violation. Once submitted, the Officers will receive a copy of your complaint, they will review, discuss it and provide an initial response to you within 72 hours.

Please note a final determination may take longer depending on the situation. If additional information or time is needed to assess the complaint, the Officers will let you know.

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