Interim List-Posting Protocols

Progressive Caucus of the California Democratic Party
Approved by the Progressive Caucus Membership
At their May 20th, 2017 Convention Meeting
Revised at the November 18th, 2017 Caucus Meeting


Caucus Members shall be automatically subscribed to an “Announcements Only” list which can be used by Officers to send important caucus announcements but on which debate does not occur.

Members may subscribe only to this list to get announcements and not receive a large volume of postings from the Discussion Group List.  Members may opt-out of the announcements list. (Important: Please note that if you are a “Go Green” (email notification member) by unsubscribing to the ‘Announcements-Only’ list you will not receive any Notices as it relates to important and official Caucus business). 


Progressive Caucus Discussion Group

The purpose of the Progressive Caucus Discussion Group is to foster a community forum for ideas, dialogue, organizing, and action to strengthen the Democratic Party and the progressive voices within it.  Thus, the importance of a positive tone, a willingness to seek agreement rather than disagreement, is paramount to our open discussion.  We learn from others, even when disagreeing with them.  Members may opt-in to the Discussion Group.

These are passionate and important times.  The sharing of opinions and points of view are fraught with perils.  This is one of them.  The Googlegroups which the Caucus established is for the free exchange of ideas, perspectives and continuing dialogue on the mission, goals, actions and activities of the Caucus.  When the group Members chose to express themselves about a particular person or even an issue that is counter or even the polar opposite of others, then the “Point Counterpoint” scene is set.

The Caucus recognizes that members often address emotional issues and that discussion may, at times, become heated.  However, the Caucus is committed to civil and respectful discourse in all its communications, including this Discussion Group.

Please observe the following rules:

  • Do take an extra second to proofread your posts and delete anything that is not pertinent to your reply including trailing text (old posts) and ads – before you reply to a message.
  • Do make sure when you reply that the subject line is relevant to your post – change the subject line if you intend to take the post in a different direction. If you are reading on digest mode, always change the subject line from the automated digest subject.
  • Do pay attention to the number of posts you are making each day. A few people should not monopolize the bandwidth of other Members. (Example: A heated back-and-forth discussion that monopolizes the bandwidth of the listserv, where is it evident the differences are irreconcilable and intractable. When this happens, please take it offline.)
  • Please do not post one message to multiple listservs at the same time. If you have an article or a message that you think Caucus Members would be interested in knowing about or that may spark a lively conversation about an issue, please do post it, but only to our listserv instead of multiple ones where most of our Caucus Members may not be subscribed.  It is very hard to follow a conversation when Members do not have access to those other listservs.


  • Do distinguish between opinion and fact. Opinions are fine, but if you present something as a fact, cite the source for that fact.
  • Do distinguish between criticism of ideas and personal criticism of someone who posts the idea.
  • Do not besmirch or post personal attacks on any Member of the Caucus or a group or class. Even when we disagree we should always believe the other person’s intentions are honorable.
  • Do respect the feelings of Members and their opinions about Democratic candidates and public figures.
  • No cyber-bullying (For clarity: Specifically menacing and/or aggressive behavior, threats to sue, lodging unsubstantiated falsehoods about another person, and namecalling in addition to standard character assassination and ad hominem attack) and do not use profanity (For clarity: There is no full ban on profanity, however, hateful, obscene, offensive, racist, sexual, or violent words about a Member or directed at a Member, is not permitted).
  • To respond to the entire listserv, hit “REPLY ALL”. If you click “REPLY” your response will go only to sender. 

Please submit Complaints to the Officers via the Complaint Form if you suspect a violation of the Critical Posting Protocols listed therein. 



We expect that Members of this Discussion Group can monitor ourselves by following the rules and taking personal conversations off-line.  The Caucus, through its Officers, reserves the right to deny anyone the use of this Discussion Group for violation of these rules.

The conditions which give rise to special monitoring result from violation of the above guidelines, outright hostility, personal attacks or over-posting in excess of group standards.  This will be primarily determined when triggered by the number of posts you are making each day, averaged over a period of several days.  The bottom line is that we encourage discussion and respect people’s opinions even when we find them disagreeable, but we will NOT tolerate personal attacks and other things that violate the rules of the CDP and common decency.

Strike 1- One week time out

A first violation will result in an email from an Officer to the sender discussing the nature of the violation and stating all posts from that sender will be moderated for one (1) week.

Strike 2 – Two weeks time out

A second violation will result in an email from an Officer to the sender discussing the nature of the violation and stating the sender will have their posting privileges suspended for two (2) weeks and a notice posted to the listserv detailing the violation and corrective action taken by the Board. (For clarification: No bypassing or evading the suspension or moderation of Members’ posting privileges. This includes but is not limited to: (1) Having another Member post on behalf of the moderated/suspended Member (either intentionally or inadvertently); and/or (2) Intentionally carbon copying of the Discussion List’s email in a response to a thread with others whereby subsequent responses to all will have the practical effect of posting by the suspended/moderated Member.)

Strike 3 – Permanent Moderation

A third violation will result in being banned from the Discussion Group and will not be eligible for reinstatement for a minimum of one year or until a new caucus executive board is elected and set with the following term, whichever happens later. A member may appeal the change in status by written notice sent directly to the Chair of the Caucus at

Whenever the level of invective really cannot be sustained, a professional mediation would be organized as an Ad-Hoc Committee to address the specific offending incident(s).


By affirmation vote, the Members affirm that the above process is reasonable and transparent and that these interim procedures will serve as a guide for a permanent guide to be voted on by the Membership at its next scheduled meeting.


If there are any conflicts or inconsistencies between the terms and conditions of this “Interim Posting Protocols” and the Progressive Caucus By-Laws, the Bylaws shall govern.

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