Supporting Reforms to DNC Victory Fund Practices

RESOLUTION 17-05.53 



WHEREAS Victory Funds are intended to provide a fundraising and fund-sharing, coordinated campaign mechanism between the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee, the Democratic National Committee (DNC), and State Democratic Parties; and

WHEREAS unlike previous presidential elections, in 2016 the Victory Fund structure was used during the primary presidential nominating process, allowing donors who had maxed out on contributions to their preferred presidential candidate’s campaign to contribute a vastly larger additional amount of money to their preferred candidate, and allowing candidates for the nomination to spend these funds on social media consultants to “correct the record” and on social media advertising for themselves during the primary, which was deemed acceptable Victory Fund money use so long as some sort of minimal solicitation for contributions was included; and

WHEREAS these monies are intended to help elect Democrats from the top to the bottom of the ticket in a coordinated fashion during the general election, yet many state parties are concerned that after they transferred monies received via Victory Fund fundraising back to the Victory Fund during the primary, that money was then controlled by campaign staff, used to make expenditures during the primary, and not always forthcoming during the general election;

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the California Democratic Party believes that the DNC’s Victory Fund rules need to be reformed so that they are transparent, fair to candidates for our Party’s presidential nomination who are not soliciting additional contributions from wealthy donors and bundlers who have maxed out on contributions they are allowed to make to a campaign, and not able to be used for any kind of political gain during the primary process.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the California Democratic Party supports, and asks our DNC Delegation to support, a restriction by the DNC on any expenditure of Victory Fund money before the Party’s presidential nominee has been chosen–including, but not limited to, giving control of Victory Fund money to any campaign’s staff or using Victory Fund money to pay for any kind of staff, consultants, or advertising.


Author: Andrew S. Becker, AD7

Sponsored by Region 3

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