Resolution Concerning Police Transparency and Accountability



WHEREAS California is one of the most secretive states concerning incidents of law enforcement misconduct and excessive use of force, and this secretiveness implies that all police engage in systemic misconduct which is not the case, compared to other states that make records public regardless of whether misconduct is found, or states such as Texas, Kentucky and Utah which make records public when police are found guilty of misconduct; and

WHEREAS far too many African Americans and Latinos have been killed at the hands of law enforcement in California which has placed use of excessive force against communities of color in the spotlight; and

WHEREAS the Criminal Justice section of the 2016 California Democratic Party Platform states: “Support law enforcement officers with excellent pay and benefits, and hold them accountable for misconduct. Dismiss any peace officer that does not uphold the high standards and trust afforded them by the community and government;”

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the California Democratic Party will work to remove all legal obstacles to accountability for police misconduct, while encouraging de-escalation training; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the California Democratic Party supports at a timely and legally appropriate time making public all records and files –including written and video footage — related to an incident of police use of force resulting in injury or death.


Authors: Margarita Lacabe, AD18; Susan George, AD14; Hakeem Brown, AD14; Morgan Lindsay Hannigan, AD14 and Gabriel Haaland, AD14 Sponsored by CDP Region 2

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