Opposing Trump’s Dangerous Provocations; Supporting Peace, Justice and Equality for Israelis and Palestinians


WHEREAS for decades some members of both parties and Congress have expressed criticism of Israel’s now nearly 50-year occupation of Palestinian lands, while failing to back up that criticism with actual steps to change the status quo and bring about a real peace process; and

WHEREAS the new administration has indicated that it is likely to adopt an even more one-sided policy, threatening to provoke havoc and further instability by moving the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, and appointing an ambassador (opposed for confirmation by all but two Democratic senators) who is an avid supporter of illegal settlements and opponent of Palestinian statehood; and

WHEREAS empowered by the new administration’s policy, the government of Israel has accelerated its construction of illegal settlements in the occupied territories and has adopted new anti-Democratic measures internally, denied entry into the country of representatives of mainstream human rights organizations and passed a law that would bar many visitors with critical views;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the California Democratic Party favors a U.S. policy that would work through the United Nations and other international bodies as well as with Israel and the representatives of the Palestinian people for a just peace based on full equality and security for Israeli Jews and Palestinians alike, human rights and international law, in line with the words of Sen. Bernie Sanders in his 2016 message to AIPAC: “Peace also means security for every Palestinian. It means achieving self-determination, civil rights and economic well-being for the Palestinian people”;

AND BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the CDP rejects any effort to restrict or discourage open public discourse on issues surrounding Israel and Palestine; disavows conflation of criticism of a country’s policies with hatred of its people; but also opposes anti-Semitic or Islamophobic language brought into the debate and also opposes any attempt to restrict or penalize those who exercise their right to express their views through nonviolent action to effect change.

Authors: David L. Mandel, AD 7; Murad Surama, AD 7; Karen Bernal AD 7

Sponsors: CDP Region 3; Sara Abed, AD68; Iyad Afalqa, AD74; Zara Ahmed, AD68; James Ryan Albert, AD40; Norma Alcala, AD7; Rashad Al-Dabbagh, AD65; Roberto Alvarez, AD57; Samila Amanyraoufpoor, AD74; Xavier Aubuchon-Mendoza, AD19; Dale Axelrod, AD10; Katharine Azar, AD74; K Kevyne Baar, AD4; Vinton Bacon, AD20; Gina Barkalow Kay, AD9; Michael Barkley, AD12; Christopher Barroso, AD76; Linda Bassett, AD64; Debra Baumann, AD4; Pierre Beauregard, AD71; Benjamin Becker, AD17; Deana Becker, AD62; Katrina Bergstrom, AD43; Karen Bernal, AD7; Chris Bowen, AD50; Shane Brinton, AD7; Peter Brogan, AD9; Bernadette Butkiewicz, AD78; Tom Camarella, AD54; Rosemary Canfield, AD35; Kenneth (Kacey) Carpenter, AD24; Ruth Carter, AD10; Vincent Casalaina, AD15; Marggie Castellano, AD76; Elizabeth Castillo, AD63; Salvador Cazarez, AD26; Amy Champ, AD5; Alice Chan, AD10; Manuel Chavez, AD74; Amber Childress, AD18; Jay Cortez, AD59; Andrea Beth Damsky, AD79; Sayyed Nsser Dashti, AD73; Fera Dayani, AD7; Jane Demian, AD51; Zachary Denney, AD13; Carole Dorshkind, AD24; Pamela Drake, AD18; Debbie (Klara) East, AD32; Geri Eaton, AD8; James Eaton, AD8; Alexis Edelstein, AD62; Verica Elliott, AD13; Erik Eriksen, AD29; Maria Estrada, AD64; Rachel Farrell, AD3; Gilbert Feliciano, AD46; Michael Fortes, AD18; Tina Fredericks, AD41; Orlando Fuentes, AD9; Thomas Gallagher, AD17; Justin (J.D.) Garcia, AD7; Melissa Garcia, AD38; Marleen Gillespie, AD74; Katie Gladstein, AD5; Michael Goldman, AD45; Dan Gordon, AD53; Rick Guerrero, AD9; Lori Gunnell, AD41; Aaron Haar, AD3; Alan Haffa, AD29; Hosam Haggag, AD25; Naz Hamid, AD68; Pamela Harris, AD18; Makensey Hays, AD32; George Hess, AD23; Judith Hess, AD23; Natalie Higley, AD4; Sam Hindi, AD22; Brian Hitchcock, AD66; Margie Hoyt, AD66; Mary Hsia-Coron, AD30; Andrew Hsia-Coron, AD30; Henry Huerta, AD57; Zenaida Huerta, AD57; Melissa Johnson-Camacho, AD4; Mirvette Judeh, AD65; Mike Katz-Lacabe, AD18; Ava Kennedy, AD4; Catherine Kennedy, AD8; Talat Khan, AD40; Kari Khoury, AD13; Phillip Kim, AD8; Nancy Kim, AD53; Brian Krohne, AD78; Margarita Lacabe, AD18; Lisa LaFave Cysewski, AD18; Carter Lavin, AD18; Barbara Leary, AD6; Michael Lee, AD18; Dotty LeMieux, AD10; Carole Levers, AD55; Chet Lexvold, AD22; Morgan Lindsay Hannigan, AD14; Perry Lloyd, AD10; Robert Longer, AD7; Kevin  Lourens, AD78; Omar  Mahmi, AD8; David  Mandel, AD7; Basem  Manneh, AD19; Marcia  Martin, AD63; Eden  McFadden, AD51; Bobbie McGowan, AD49; Karen McNair, AD4; Melissa Michelson, AD49; Ralph Miller, AD10; Anne Mohr, AD74; William Monroe, AD3; Frederic Morrison, AD20; Johannes Münzel, AD24; Dean Murakami, AD7; Robert Nelson, AD41; Mustafa Nizam, AD76; Maliha Noamani, AD41; Donna Norton, AD10; Christina Ocampo, AD40; Ben O’Shea, AD67; Jeffrey Otter, AD7; Rochelle Pardue-Okimoto, AD15; Diana Parmeter, AD63; Palma Paxton, AD5; Brian Polejes, AD78; Pamela Price, AD18; Andres Ramos, AD63; Annamath Ravva, AD51; Seth Rediker, AD20; Tom Reed, AD3; Christopher Robson, AD70; Jeanine Rohn, AD51; Desiree Rojas, AD4; Helene Rouvier, AD2; Susan Rowe, AD5; Wendy Ruiz, AD59; Cassius Rutherford, AD74; Motecuzoma Sanchez, AD13; Murad Sarama, AD7; Fabrizio Sasso, AD7; Sarah Saunders, AD5; Jason Schadewald, AD41; Mara Schechter, AD18; Amy Scott-Slovick, AD14; Carrie Scoville, AD70; Paul Seger, AD11; Cody Seibel, AD13; John Shaban, AD6; Jeromey Shafer, AD18; Moina Shaiq, AD10; Robert Shearer, AD2; Amar Shergill, AD9; Moina Sidiqqi, AD25; Tania Singh, AD61; Ryan Skolnick, AD38; Horace Snowden, AD6; David Sonneborn, AD68; Tracie Stafford, AD9; Eric Sunderland, AD7; Tracey Surette, AD8; Del Surette, AD8; James Ta’bor, AD43; Clifford Tasner, AD46; Thomas Tellner, AD16; Skylar Tempel, AD75; Stephanie Terrazas, AD57; Michael Thaller, AD79; Cullen Tiernan, AD20; Shirley Toy, AD7; Parveen Tumber, AD7; Noemi Tungui, AD44; Sameena Usman, AD25; Caitlin Wagner-Verduzco, AD26; Glenda Wertenberger, AD6; Alex M. White, AD15; Michael Whiteside, AD9; Susana Williams, AD11; Catherine Willott, AD44; Marcy Winograd, AD50; Jon-Paul Wolfe, AD28; Audrey Wong, AD66; Nozomu Yosh Yamanaka, AD70; Ronald Yatooma, AD6; Astrid Zuniga, AD21; Tucker Zurawski, AD6

Adopted by the California Democratic Party
At its 2017 Statewide Convention
Sacramento Convention Center

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