2016 Proposition Analysis and Recommendations

Recommendations prepared by: Vincent Casalaina, Nothern Vice Chair & Judy Hess, Central Vice Chair

52       State Fees on Hospitals – Constitutional Amendment

Pro – Requires voter approval of changes to the hospital fee program supporting hospital care to Medi-Cal patients and to help pay for healthcare for low-income children. Makes it harder for the legislature to divert these funds from the original intended purpose. Generates more than $3 billion a year in federal matching funds that would not be available otherwise. This money helps provide Medi-Cal health care services to over 13 million Californians. Con – Was opposed by SEIU but the union has moved from no to neutral on this proposition.


Opposed by Libertarian Party




54       Legislation and Proceedings – 72 hour notice

Pro- Requires the legislature to make bills available to the public 72 hours before the vote. Rein in 11th hour changes by special interest groups. Supported by Common Cause. League of Women Voters and other proponents of good government. Con- Funded by Charles Munger. Harder to move legislation in the final push for adjournment and gives special interests more time to fight bills they oppose. Recommendation


56       Cigarette Tax – Imposes a $2.00 per pack tax on cigarettes and other nicotine products

Pro – Makes cigarettes cost prohibitive particularly for the young.  Funds go to general fund (12%), tobacco prevention, healthcare services, and environment (29%), breast cancer screenings (2%), early childhood development (57%) Con- Opposed by tobacco industry Recommendation




57       Juvenile Criminal Sentences

Pro- increases parole and good behavior opportunities for those convicted of non-violent crime.  Allows judges, not prosecutors, to decide whether or not to try a juvenile as an adult.


Con- Opposed by DA’s, police and Sheriffs.  They claim it will allow those convicted of rape, kidnapping and drive by shootings to be released early.





58       English Language Education

Pro- Makes it easier for school districts to establish bilingual programs for both English language learners and native English speakers seeking to gain fluency in a foreign language. Kids won’t need a waiver to take bilingual classes.


Con- Primary opponent is Ron Unz who sponsored the proposition that essentially ended bilingual education for “limited English proficiency” students. His main complaints are the cost and the lack of bilingual teachers.





59       Campaign Finance – Citizen vote to overturn Citizen’s United

Pro-  Voters In.  Money Out.

Instructs our state and national elected officials to act now to pass a 28th Amendment that money is not speech and corporations are not people.

Con- Asks to overturn Citizen’s United but shucks it’s not binding.




Yes, Yes, Yes

60       Require use of Condoms in Porn Films

Pro – Would hold pornographers accountable for work safety and health, specifically by closing loopholes and improving enforcement of existing law. Con – Is duplicative of other worker protections. Would lead to many lawsuits that could threaten the safety of adult performers. Would violate worker privacy. Has broad opposition Recommendation


61       State Drug Purchases – Must be no more than Veterans Administration Prices

Pro –  fights price-gouging from drug companies. Provides better access to life-saving drugs. Saves California taxpayers billions of dollars in healthcare costs. Endorsed by Sen. Bernie Sanders, VoteVets Action Fund, AARP, PDA Con – purportedly increases Veterans drug prices and opponents suggest it would increase bureaucracy, red tape, lawsuits, and taxpayer costs. Recommendation


62       Death Penalty

Pro-  Vote for this if you want to eliminate the death penalty. Converts current death sentences to life without parole, convicts must work in prison and more of their pay will go to restitution.


Con- Opposed by Pete Wilson, DA’s and Sheriffs Assoc. They agree the system in broken but want to keep a death penalty as justice for victims families.





63       Gun Control – Requires background checks to purchase ammunition and prohibits possession of large-capacity ammunition magazines

Pro –  Keeps guns and ammunition out of the wrong hands by closing loopholes in existing law – has wide support


Con – Would purportedly burden law-abiding citizens who own firearms. Opposed by NRA, Republican, Libertarian and P & F Parties





64       Marijuana Legalization –  legalizes recreational marijuana and hemp for those 21 and over under state law and establishes certain sales and cultivation taxes.

Pro – Allows use of marijuana for adults, imposes safety standards for product, incorporates best practices from other states that already legalized marijuana, generates tax revenue and decreases law enforcement costs, providing funding for other needs.


Con – Opponents argue it could result in more highway fatalities and more impaired driving. They also claim it would allow marijuana growing near schools and parks, and erode local control (but municipalities can prevent by ordinance), and would increase black market and drug cartel activity.





 66       Death Penalty Procedures

Pro- If you want the state to execute more people, this one is for you. Makes it harder to appeal death sentences.  Put forward by those who oppose Prop. 62. Con- Opposed by ACLU, labor groups and ExCom CDP.  Based on a Texas law that has seen many innocent people put to death due to poor legal representation provisions. Recommendation

No, No, No


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