Wendy Reed – 2016 Progressives

Wendy Reed – non profit manager California


Wendy Reed founded and manages a nonprofit corporation that preserves wildlife habitat. In this role she works with state, county, and local governments, and engages citizens in regional government issues. Reed’s goal in this campaign is reminding people “what self-governing really involves,” like one man, one vote, taxation without representation, and equal treatment under the law. “We need resources,” Reed said. “Our job as congressmen is to bring federal resources to our community. Where’s our money for healthcare? Where’s our money for roads? Where’s our money for education? Where’s our money for better environmental protections?” Government has allowed too many tax breaks for, and too much tax dodging by, the “super, super rich” who have bought politicians’ influence. If we simply roll back some of those perks, we will greatly increase the taxes that are available. She will fight to reverse the U.S. Supreme Court’s 2010 Citizens United decision that prohibited restrictions on independent political spending and move toward publicly financed elections to help level playing fields. She’d also bring back bank regulations, anti-trust laws and the Fairness Doctrine, which required broadcasters to produce balanced airings of matters of public importance.

Economy and the Environment

A strong economy must protect the resources on which people and businesses rely. Economies must operate safely. It’s not an economy if you can’t drink the water. Essential Resources for our District Safe infrastructure, good hospitals and health care, and protection of those in need are necessities not luxuries. Our district deserves a strong advocate for our district’s priorities – the priorities of real people!

Ethics in Government

Many times in our history, Americans have had to hit the reset button to rid our government of corruption, and now is one of those times. Corruption cannot be tolerated. We need representatives who can’t be bought. Equality and Education An economy of opportunity is founded on equal treatment under the law and access to education. These foundational American principles of prosperity and security must be protected.

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