Bao Nguyen – 2016 Progressives

Bao Nguyen – Mayor Garden Grove Califronia


Supporting Small Business Innovation

1. Bao will fight to cut IRS red tape for small businesses.

He aims to:

• Simplify the tax code for easy compliance.

• Prevent large corporate loopholes like “offshoring”.

• Cut down on paperwork needed for fair tax reductions.

2. Bao will bring more federal small business contracts to OC. He aims to:

• Ensure federal contracts are equitably awarded to small businesses.

• Create more opportunities for small businesses to benefit from federal dollars. Strengthening the American Economy

1. We need to create more jobs, and they need to be good paying jobs. We can do this by:

• Investing in infrastructure and putting people to work fixing our crumbling roads and bridges.

• Raising the minimum wage, and indexing it with inflation so that we don’t have to wait for Congress to act to make sure wages keep up with inflation.

• Investing more in scientific and technological research so that America creates the jobs of tomorrow and continues to lead the world in innovation.

2. Bao puts people before politics. It is time to tell Washington that enough is enough:

• No more putting politics ahead of people. No more government shutdowns and no more costing America billions of dollars just to push a political agenda.

• We must call out large corporations that exploit taxes, people, and our economy. Most politicians are too afraid to do this because they are funded by corrupt finances.

Bao represents the middle class and has the integrity to not back down against Wall Street. Making College Affordable, Because Education is a Universal Right

1. Bao will make sure that schools and teachers have the resources they need, so that every kid can go to college and get the skills they need to succeed.

2. He’ll make sure everyone who wants to, can attend college. • Students should graduate holding a college degree, not decades of college debt payments.

• College education should be in the reach of working and middle class students, not just those who are wealthy enough to afford the currently astronomical tuition rates.

Promoting Fair and Humane Immigration Policy

1. We need to bring people out of the shadows and provide a path to citizenship.

2. Bao will fight against institutions that unfairly exploit and target immigrants.

Reducing Income Inequality

1. Bao will fight for an economy that works for the families of this district, not just for the wealthy and the well connected.

2. We will go beyond raising the minimum wage and will also fight to bring tax rates back to where they were during the 1990’s so that:

• The wealthy pay their fair share.

• We cut taxes for working families.

3. Bao will stimulate employment opportunities by:

• Advocating for job training and education programs.

• Supporting small businesses to create well paying jobs and keep money in our local economy.

• Investing in an educated workforce that will be competitive in the 21st century global economy.

Defending Women’s Rights

1. We need to champion equal pay for equal work.

2. Bao will advocate for more paid family leave so that families don’t have to worry about losing pay when someone gets sick.

3. He’ll oppose all efforts to defund Planned Parenthood because he’s proudly pro-choice.

4. He’ll actively promote policy that gives immigrants a fair shot at the American Dream.

Preserving the Environment and Moving Towards a More Sustainable Future

1. Invest in sustainable energy solutions and infrastructure.

2. Don’t let corporate interests outweigh human needs for clean air, clean water, and sustainable living.

Protecting Social Security and Medicare

1. Bao will oppose any attempts to cut Social Security benefits or raise the retirement age.

2. He’ll fight to protect Medicare from those who would look to privatize it.

3. Bao will strengthen Medicare by allowing Medicare to bargain for lower drug prices the way the Veterans Administration does.

Striving for LGBT Equality

1. Discrimination in housing or employment on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity is still happening. Bao will fight to stop it.

2. Bao will fight to ensure that equal rights, equal treatment and respect for all, are a guarantee to every citizen.

3. Bao will push to stop social discrimination against the LGBT community. Everyone, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity deserves respect, period.

Reducing Racial Injustice

1. Police must look like the communities they police, and work with the community, rather than in opposition to it. Furthermore, we must establish new guidelines on allowable force. Bao will stand firmly by this position in Congress.

2. As an immigrant minority himself, Bao has the best interests of Orange County’s minority communities at heart, and will listen closely to their needs to better represent them to Congress.

Advocating for a Sensible Drug Policy

1. Bao will support the legalization of marijuana, which, in Colorado, generated millions of dollars in revenue (15 percent of which went to schools) and significantly reduced crime. The rest of the country should follow this example and Bao will be there to fight for this reform.

2. We need to treat substance abuse as a public health problem, rather than a crime. Bao will work to implement support systems, such as medical and mental health interventions, for Americans who struggle with substance abuse problems. Rehabilitation is more humane and effective than punishment.

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