2015 California Disclose Act update

Victory in Assembly Elections Committee for the 2015 California DISCLOSE Act!

Trent Lange just sent this update out to AB 700 supporters:

Thank you for signing our petition on CREDO Mobilize supporting AB 700, the 2015 California DISCLOSE Act — our bill to finally show voters who’s paying for ballot measure ads!

With your help — and the help of thousands of grass roots activists like you — AB 700 cleared its first legislative hurdle, passing the Assembly Elections Committee Wednesday on a 4-2 vote.


In the photo above, clockwise from top left:  The crowd of AB 700 supporters after the victory; AB 700 author Assemblymember Jimmy Gomez (right) presented with more than 33,700 signatures in support of AB 700 by California Clean Money Campaign President Trent Lange; Volunteers and interns hard at work during our lobby day.

The giant stack of 33,700 signatures — more than 29,700 on CREDO Mobilize, including yours! — had a big impact.  AB 700 authors Assemblymember Jimmy Gomez (D-Northeast Los Angeles) and Marc Levine (D-San Rafael) both gave strong testimony about how important the California DISCLOSE Act is for stopping ballot measure ads from misleading voters about who paid for them.  Next came an incredible number of Californians — over 120 — from all around the state to pack a 9am hearing.

Not only did AB 700 pass the committee vote, but Clean Money citizen-lobbyists fanned out across the capitol to meet with more than 50 Assemblymember offices.  Good news:  Three of the Assembly Elections Committee members have now said they want to coauthor, including Assemblymembers Mike Gatto, Rich Gordon, and Kevin Mullin!

Although it was a big win, the Assembly Elections Committee was just the first in a number of steps to get AB 700 through the legislature.  Next up is a similar vote in the Assembly Appropriations Committee.  Assemblymember Gomez is chair of the Appropriations Committee, but to make it to a full floor vote in the Assembly, we’ll still have to work hard.

To prepare for the next big vote — which will be this month — we need to gather even more signatures on our petition.

Please ask your friends to sign the petition for AB 700 by sharing it on Facebook!
Not on Facebook?  Ask your friends to sign by email!

Sign the petition here!

Many thanks for the great day in Sacramento go to our fantastic Clean Money organizers, interns, and volunteers.  First and foremost — our organizer D’Marie Mulattieri, intern coordinator Kim Clark, and regional coordinator Nancy Neff.  And a big round of applause for our fabulous Clean Money interns who helped arrange visits and made the whole day in the Capitol go smoothly — including Chase Buick, Kaiti Curry, Sergio Klor de Alva, Trevor Martin, Alicia Rodriquez, Nick Rogness, Tamara Smith, and Katherine Van Horn.

Much appreciation goes to our volunteer lobby leaders who did such a great job: Suzy Arnett, David Cary, John Comiskey, Joe Ely, Ellie Garabedian, John Goodman, Trina Ray, David Schmidt, Calvin Sloan, Jason Spitzer, and Kevin Wolf.

And none of this would have happened without all of you who came to Sacramento, made calls, or got people to sign petitions!

Thank you all for standing with the California Clean Money Action Fund and our partners in the fight for fair elections.  Please stay tuned for more ways you can work to pass the California DISCLOSE Act.

Together, we will create a democracy that is truly of, by, and for the people.

Trent Lange
President, California Clean Money Action Fund

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The California Clean Money Action Fund is a non-profit, non-partisan 501(c)(4) organization that is the political advocacy arm of the 501(c)(3) Califor nia Clean Money Campaign. The California Clean Money Action Fund has been fighting for legislation and ballot measures to limit the undue influence of Big Money in California politics since 2006. All our support comes from individuals and non-profit foundations , with no funding from corporations or unions. For more information about us and our efforts on the California DISCLOSE Act, visit www.CAdisclose.org.

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