It’s time to start campaign training with the PCCC



Do you want to work for progressives in California? 

Last year, we launched a new program to give activists the skills they need to work for progressive candidates and organizations — skills like researching donors, staffing call time, planning fundraisers, completing campaign finance reports, and managing a budget. 

So far, we’ve trained over 200 activists in states like Texas, North Carolina, and Florida. Now we’re coming to California on April 12 – 13 to train 25 more to become expert fundraisers. 

Click here to apply for the upcoming finance training in Los Angeles.

We’re working with some of the top progressive fundraisers in the country to provide trainees everything they need to help progressives raise money and win. 

Here’s what past graduates said about the program:

“Raising money is all about developing relationships with donors. I definitely had an ‘aha’ moment when I learned that there could not be a script used for each fundraising call since each conversation with a donor is based on the candidate’s unique relationship with that donor.” 

— Austin Helmke, Madison, WI 

“I really liked the fact that we were engaging and actively doing exercises. We can’t do enough of that.”

— Ruby El Basha, Johnson City, TN

Anyone can attend these trainings, from volunteers on their first race to seasoned activists. We teach the fundamentals of campaign work using easy, step-by-step guided exercises, to make sure folks don’t just learn — but can do.

After you apply and submit your resume, we’ll follow up right away to interview qualified applicants. The deadline is Friday, March 21 — click here to apply.

Want to have a stronger progressive voice in California? Then sign up to be part of the first finance training in California today. After the training, we’ll work to connect attendees with a progressive campaign where they can put their new skills to work right away.

Thanks for being a bold progressive. 

— Lacey Connelly, PCCC Training Director 

P.S. Can’t make it to Los Angeles, but want to join us for a future training? Sign up here and click “Interested in Future Sessions” to be kept in the loop.

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