Carly Fiorina explains why the economy is not recovering.

Hint:  Blame Teachers (and other Public Employees!)

Anyone ever wonder wCarlyAndPaulSmallhat happened to Hewlett-Packard?  HP products and services were excellent.  For people responsible for IT infrastructure and support, HP was a trusted brand.  You pretty much just rolled it out and forgot about it.  The devices they manufactured were reliable and, if there was a problem, their support was focused on rapid resolution of the problem.  The customer came first.  The customer focus was a major tenant of the HP Way.   Then came Carly Fiorina. After five years of Fiorina’s Put-Wall-Street-First philosophy, HP is not what it used to be. Buying HP is now a bit of a crap shoot. Worse, the support absolutely sucks.  HP bought up Compaq, sank it, and shipped tens of thousands jobs overseas.  But, hey, Carly made a lot of money for some investors, collected her bonuses, moved on to politics and turned the company over to Meg Whitman.

I provide this story as background for the mini-debate between Ms. Fiorina and Paul Krugman on ABC’s This Week. Carly is unwavering in her dogma – ‘public sector is strangling the economy’.  Fiorina attacks excessive bureaucratic bloat in D.C while Krugman points out that most public sector workers are not in D.C. but are working at the state and municipal level and, are in fact teachers.  For those who know the economic statistics, Krugman made her look like a jackass. Which, frankly, is what she is.

See the clip from ABC-TV here – start at the 6:45 mark to view the exchange.

The rest of the video is also very interesting.


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