Defining America – Progressive Caucus Meeting Nov. 17th

Defining America

at This Saturday’s Progressive Caucus meeting.
Hear from experts on the Election, Immigration Issues, the Economy, and Human Rights
and how they all relate to the Progressive movement and the Democratic Party.

Plan on attending this Saturday, Nov. 17 at 3:30-5:30 PM

The Westin San Francisco Airport.
1 Old Bayshore Highway, Millbrae, CA 94030

Barsamian, Parenti & Bacon

What defines America? As Progressives, both positives and negatives come to mind. As we celebrate wrapping up another election cycle our thoughts turn to “change.” What is the history of things that progressives hope will change? What can be changed and how? What can we do to promote change? What success can we expect and just what can we expect to happen in the future?

We are honored to have as our guest three experts on these issues.

  • David Barsamian founder of “Alternative Radio” (in conjunction with the Armenian-American Statewide Chartered Organization) and contributor to “The Progressive,” “The Nation,” and “Z Magazine.” He is an expert and lecturer on U.S. foreign policy, corporate control, genocide and human rights.
  • Michael Parenti is a writer and historian. He is an expert on a range of Progressive issues including, culture and social structure, class, capitalism, fascism, imperialism and war. Dr. Parenti is on the advisory board of the Independent Progressive Network and other political groups.
  • David Bacon is an author, lecturer, photo journalist, and regular contributor to “The Nation,” “TruthOut,” “The Progressive,” and is an associate editor at Pacific News Service. He is an expert on immigration issues, political economic issues, labor, and globalization.

This opportunity to hear and take part in these discussions is something that should not be missed.

See you there!

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