Mid-term Caucus Officer Election

The Progressive Caucus voted to fill vacant Officer positions at the E-board meeting in Anaheim on July 28, 2012 in Anaheim.

1. Dorothy Reik  Elected Treasurer

2. Chris Urkofsky  Elected Northern Vice Chair

Caucus Outreach: Please list any Clubs, DCCs, Political/Labor Orgs, etc. you belong to (Democrat or Otherwise) President, Bay Area Section, Professional Engineers in California Government (PECG) Democracy for America, East Bay Chapter

Specific skills and/or experience that you feel make you qualified to run for office of the Progressive Caucus. I have over 20 years experience working in a California State Government Agency. That experience has given me a front seat view of the impacts legislation and policy have upon our state, its workers and citizens.

Candidate Statement:

Like many other Democrats, my political renewal began with Howard Dean. His 2004 presidential campaign was a welcome inspiration to so many of us who were beginning to feel that they no longer recognized this America as the country we’d grown up in. Our America had valued altruism, community and service. Its principles of equality and opportunity gave us a quiet confidence in its, and our own, promise. And, our belief that America’s true power lay in its ability to inspire other nations, not its power to conquer and suppress them, made us proud and secure. The net roots movement that sprang up to defend America against the elites who would distort it acted in accordance with our highest values. In the years since, those efforts have been assailed from without and within. As an officer of the Progressive Caucus, my mission will be to assist and renew those efforts.

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