Caucus Voted on Bylaws Amendments at E-board in Anaheim

The Progressive Caucus voted on bylaws changes at our upcoming meeting at the CDP E-board in Anaheim on July 28. The amendments are minor in character, and have been vetted with the Progressive Bylaws Committee, a committee open to any Progressive Caucus member who wishes to join.

The changes are as follows:

Article I: Name, Purpose, and Statement of Principles

Section C: Statement of Principles

2. Towards that end, we believe:

r. that education is a right, not a privilege and that every child must have the guarantee of a free, high quality public education in a safe environment

Article II: Organization

Section D: Finance

2. Dues

e. [Delete this sentence] Members may opt to pay their dues for multiple years if they so choose. There is no change in the amount of annual dues for this purpose.

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