Discussing “Occupy” in Burlingame

The Progressive Caucus is pleased to feature a discussion about

The Occupy Movement

hosted by Aimee Allison, Author, Journalist, Activist, former co-host, The Morning Show, KPFA 94.1

with Organizers from the following Occupys: Los Angeles, Fresno, Sacramento, Oakland, and San Francisco


Don Goldmacher, Co-Producer/Director of HEIST: Who Stole the American Dream?

Saturday, November 19th
8 pm – 10 pm
Plaza II Room
Crowne Plaza Hotel
SF International Airport
1177 Airport Blvd.
Burlingame, Ca. 94010

Find info on the E-board at the CDP website here

Dear Progressive Caucus Members,

We are living in extraordinary times! As you read this, major Occupy sites have just been raided, are being raided, or will soon be raided, as pressure from respective mayors, city managers, chamber of commerce and Wall Street powers result in escalated crackdowns on Occupy protesters throughout the country. In particular, both Wall Street and the East Bay are seeing lots of action. For the latest updates, click on the links below. To say that our presentation on The Occupy Movement is timely is an understatement – in fact, when we meet on Saturday, many of the guest speakers will be coming fresh off a major march planned for this weekend – you’ll hear all the latest news first-hand. Also, keep your eyes on your inbox for another blast later in the week; we’ll be sure to inform you of any action you may want to take part in (provided your E-Board schedule permits it!).

We can’t think of a better complement to our Occupy presentation than to have Progressive Caucus member Don Goldmacher give a short and personal presentation on his film, “HEIST: Who Stole the American Dream?” As Don tells it, “The underlying idea of “Heist” is that knowledge is power, and that social change comes from the bottom up. Creating a social movement for a new economy is critical to a reclaiming of quality of life for American workers, and compelling, fact-driven storytelling is an essential way to achieve this.” Opening to great reviews, the film is set to go big, and will surely find a large audience against the backdrop of Occupy actions around the country.

A quick report on Solidarity Summit III will remind everyone of the good work the Progressive Caucus organizes and engages in during the ‘off’ months (and serves as just one of many reasons for why the vote for the recertification of the Caucus should pass). This year’s Summit, held again in Fresno, placed greater focus on intensive workshops and a special in-depth plenary session entitled “The Story of Self, Us and Now”. Developed by Marshall Ganz and taught at the New Organizing Institute, the program emphasizes values-based conversation and the power of stories to communicate values through emotions – emotions that move others to action, in addition to a different understanding of relationships and how they are key to any successful effort or campaign. The building of relationships encourages more meaningful commitment, helps identify leaders, builds community and ultimately greater power with the resources of that community.

Humor in the form of Norman Goldman provided much needed balance – a speaker at this year’s Summit, Norman provided legal analysis and served as show substitute for the Ed Schultz Radio Show until launching his own show in September 2009.

karen bernal
Karen Bernal, Chair

If you didn’t catch him in Fresno, don’t worry; you don’t need to miss a minute of a true Progressive Democrat – download the free iPhone/iPod/iPad or Android App. There is a reason so many people are talking about The NorMAN GoldMAN Show. Find out why on his web site.

Lastly, don’t forget that the deadline for Platform submissions is this Friday, November 18, at 5pm. We’ve posted a wonderful “Workers’ Bill of Rights” draft on our website. Progressive Caucus member Scott Warren spent months working with members of the Labor Caucus and others in the CDP. The draft will be submitted to the Platform Committee by the deadline; if you would like to suggest modifications to the draft, please email Scott at scottw@psyber.com by Thursday morning, November 17. If you have Platform suggestions you’d like to see posted on our website, please let us know at secretary@progressivecaucusca.org

Alright, that’s it for now. We’ll send another reminder blast before the weekend. Until then, block out Saturday – it’s going to be a busy day AND night!

Keep On!

Karen Bernal
Chair, Progressive Caucus

Photo: Marika Shaub.

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