How This Summit is Different From Other Progressive Gatherings

What makes the Solidarity Summit different from other progressive gatherings around the State, and what makes it worth your time?

That’s a good question. True, there are trainings, seminars, summits, lectures, forums, panels, and workshops that take place around the State and throughout the year, and each one has something to offer. Typically in the world of politics, training serves to sharpen skills needed in electoral environments. With anything issue-related, there are informational lectures, speaking forums and workshops designed to increase or affirm one’s awareness of the topics at hand, and to provide opportunities for networking with fellow Progressives. The Solidarity Summits to date have provided just that. So what could we do to take it to the next step?

Simple: Taking a cue from the teaching methods of Marshall Ganz and the New Organizing Institute, we can show you a new way of thinking about ORGANIZING itself, and in particular, organizing for your chosen issues.
We’ll give you a taste of what it means to use stories to communicate values through emotions – emotions that move others to action. As an interactive participant in a weekend training which emphasizes values-based conversation, you’ll consider a different visualization and understanding of relationships and how they are key to any successful campaign, whether electoral or issue-oriented, and how those relationships encourage more meaningful commitment, help identify leaders, build community and ultimately greater power with the resources of that community.

voteAnd, that’s just to start. In the breakout of your choice, the application of the Ganz method will lend itself to moving from talking about the issue, to devising strategies and plans which help build capacity for the effort or cause.

Trainings and Speakers

PLENARY SESSION – The Story of Self, Us and Now; Building Power through Relationships, and Ensuring Commitment to the Progressive Agenda.See above. Cindy Young, Special Projects Coordinator, California Nurses Association; Rose Roach, Central CA Vice-Chair, Progressive Caucus; Karen Bernal, Chair, Progressive Caucus.

COMMUNICATIONS AND MEDIA – Recognizing Opportunities and Maximizing our Potential. Technology and the internet has made it possible for a small group of individuals to have a major impact on the political landscape – learn how to make it happen where you work. In addition, learn how the Right Wing uses the Media and the lessons they provide for us. Sharon Kyle, Communications and Media Officer, Progressive Caucus, Mike Thaller, SoCal Vice-Chair, Progressive Caucus, John Mattes, multiple-award winning investigative journalist, and Cres Vellucci, veteran mainstream newspaper/wire service reporter.

FIGHTING OLIGARCHY IN THE PUBLIC SECTOR AND CREATING A PROGRESSIVE FARM TEAM – Are any elections really “nonpartisan”? How can we ensure progressive candidates are prepared and motivated to serve in local public office? This hands-on session will identify and seek to overcome obstacles to recruiting applicants for appointed and elected local office. Developing candidate questionnaires that are truly revealing of one’s experiences, vision, ethics and public policies will be part of the mix. Chris Stampolis, DNC member, California

HEALTH CARE – Health Care as a Human Right – the campaign in California
. How to BUILD the movement now for a before-you-know-it initiative campaign. Cindy Young, Special Project Coordinator, California Nurses Association, Health Care Committee Chair, Progressive Caucus.

PUBLIC EDUCATION – Koch Brothers Unified School District? Not on our watch!
Stopping the corporatization of our public schools. Rose Roach, Central CA Vice-Chair, Progressive Caucus; Field Director, River Delta, CSEA (California School Employees Association).

And, don’t forget about guest speaker, Norman Goldman!!

We’ll be following up very shortly with final changes to our Solidarity Summit III program. Until then, please visit our Facebook and ActBlue page – pass the word to help us make Solidarity Summit III a success!

Stay Tuned,
The Progressive Caucus Officers

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“We will never reorder the policy and priorities unless
we reorder the power” ~ U.S. Senator Paul Wellstone (MN)

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