Political Commentator Norman Goldman

Norm Goldman

Norman Goldman to spoke at the Progressive Caucus Solidarity Summit III in Fresno, September 24 & 25, 2011.

Norman Goldman has provided insightful legal analysis for the Ed Schultz Radio Show since 2004 as Ed’s “Senior Legal Analyst” and was Ed’s main radio show substitute from 2006 until launching his own show in September 2009.

Norm has appeared several times on MSNBC as a legal and political analyst and is a blogger at Huffington Post.  On the radio every weekday afternoon now, Norm brings his signature clarity, wit and wisdom to the issues of the day. He also gives you a chance to talk back on this very interactive radio show!

“Norm will speak on the current political turmoil that is rattling the nation; the rise of the Tea Party; the continuing strength of the Republicans and the challenge to Democrats to speak clearly and forcefully about Democratic values to a nation ground down by deep economic problems.  Norm has an encouraging message and a fresh approach to the issues, salted with humor.  You will find his views thought-provoking and his style engaging.”

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