Every Citizen Entitled to Quality Health Care

Mom, child and doctor.We believe that every Citizen is entitled to quality health care & that single payer universal health insurance is a right not a privilege.

Dear Chairperson of the Progressive Caucus:

On Saturday, January 15th, 2010, a presentation was made by Ahjamu Makalani and Dr. Olson to my community group, RCUC (Riverside County United Communities) regarding health care for all.

Mr. Makalani gave a brief history of the subejct matter and introduced Dr. Olson. His information was enlightening and provided a historical perspective, and his enthusiasm was contagious. I personally was unaware of the origins of the concept of universal health care, although I was aware of it in other countries, such as Canada. Dr. Olson’s presentation was heartfelt and sincere, with a deeply personal connection, which reached out to us. I feel I can speak for the group in saying that the material made a deep connection with all of us, and much support was generated. Many of my friends came up to me afterward and asked from where I knew these people. They were very excited and the president, Garry Grant, asked them if they would return to speak to us again.

I feel this is an issue that needs to be explored and its cause championed, which I have done since the presentation. I feel better able to present an informed viewpoint and state reasons why this is needed and why it would work.

Thank you,

Joyce Schwartz
P. O. Box 1327
Nuevo CA 92567

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