Legislative Lobbying Project

legislative lobbyingBecome a Liaison or a Tracker with the
Progressive Caucus Lobbying and AD Organizing Project

The Lobbying and Organizing Project will be structured through Assembly Districts and will rely on a Liaison for each AD. In ADs where there are numerous Progressive Caucus members, we will need more than one Liaison.

The Project’s goal is for constituents to lobby legislators to pass progressive legislation and to oppose poor legislation. Lobbying will be by phone, fax, email, and in person. In some cases, we will lobby committee members if, for example, a bill we are interested in is stalled or facing drastic changes in the committee considering it.

Liaisons are encouraged to develop relationships with sympathetic legislators and their staffs in order to:

  • learn about bills that should be lobbied for or against
  • acquaint legislators with the Progressive Caucus and its priorities
  • develop trust between legislators and their Caucus constituents.

Conference calls between AD Liaisons and Caucus officers will determine which bills will be slated for lobbying along with a set of talking points. We will begin with the ADs, but ultimately will add SD and CD constituent lobbying groups. We will cooperate with the CDP Legislative Action Committee when possible.

In addition to Liaisons responsible for their AD, we also have Trackers who follow legislation on the topic they are interested in. Some of the topics are: healthcare, media reform, net neutrality, clean money, CA budget, poverty, sustainable agriculture/food, clean/renewable energy, death penalty, labor, civil & human rights, Prop. 8.

If you would like to sign up fill out the AD Lobbying Application Form and mail to the address listed on the form. Or email Mayme Hubert and include the information requested.

Liaisons must also be members of the Progressive Caucus. Download a Caucus Membership Form here.

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