Analyzing Cost Savings to Communities by Providing Healthcare for All

WHEREAS, a declared position of the California Democratic Party in the current national debate on healthcare reform is support for universal single-payer healthcare, with everyone in and no one left out, but in the national debate single-payer is being neglected and there has been no exploration of the significant fiscal benefits it might offer during this worst recession since the Great Depression; and

WHEREAS, the national debate on healthcare reform may be but a precursor to a more productive debate within California on the passage of universal single-payer healthcare for our state, if the national government fails to adopt single-payer, with the relative cost to taxpayers being a likely point of
public concern; and

WHEREAS, the Finance Departments of many counties, cities, and school districts throughout California have executed cost/benefit analysis and calculated the savings to their respective budgets, should universal single-payer be adopted, i.e. the City of Santa Monica would realize a six million dollar savings per year, and the County of Santa Clara reports savings of $190 million; and

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the California Democratic Party, both as a matter of principle, and as sound fiscal policy, supports universal single-payer healthcare and encourages local cities, school districts and counties to pursue cost/benefit analysis of potential savings from single payer health
care for all.

Author: Leah Herzberg, 41st AD
Los Angeles Democratic County Committee
California Democratic Council
CDP Region 10
Valley Democrats United
Progressive Democrats Los Angeles (PDLA),
Progressive Democrats Santa Monica Mountains (PDSMM),
Julie Lopez Dad, Chair, LACDP 41st AD Committee, DSCC member
and other members of the DSCC

Adopted 11/15/09 at the California Democratic Party EBoard meeting in San Diego.

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